Automatic Nesting Textile

Automatic Nesting Textile

Fully automatic nesting with the highest utilization of material.


  • Nesting on textile and other synthetic materials, including matching to stripes
  • Adjustable time for nesting, adjustable number of tests per marker
  • Combine automatic and interactive optimization
  • Compatible with single-layer and multi-layer cutters


Fully automatic nesting module, which completely replaces difficult and time taking preparation of marker by method of interactive nesting, with maximal material utilization. Perfect solution for manufacturers who prepare large amounts of markers or use large amount of pieces. Connection with the CutNest enables to prepare pieces and material. According to set parameters of pieces and material, Automatic Nesting tries thousands of different variations for a set period of time and chooses the best one.

Versions of Plugin AutoNest:

  • Single-core
  • Multi-core

Use in:

  • System for on-line cutting
  • System for printing nested plan’s and cut manual


  • Significant material savings
  • Reducing the production cycle time
  • Fully automatic nesting
  • Easy-to-use
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