Interactive Defects Marking

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Interactive Defects Marking

Scanning and automatic vectorization of leather hide boundary. Interactive marking of defects and quality zones by electronic pen and projector.


  • Scanning and automatic vectorization of leather hide boundary by digital camera
  • Use of electronic pen and projector
  • Interactive menu for selecting of the quality zone grade
  • Continuous information update about quality zones area
  • Each quality zone projected with different color
  • Pen clicking or drawing are supported
  • Previous zone quality level can be applied
  • Selection mode with possibility to remove existing zone
  • Multi-selection is supported
  • Quality zone can be connected with material boundary
  • Printing of barcode for finished hide
  • Datamatrix code can be printed out for Optical Hide Allignment module


  • Fast and accurate
  • No marks on leather
  • Offline scanning
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